Friday, June 29, 2012

A Hot Topic

The temperature reached 105 degrees today.
It's been in the 90's all week and we are barely into
our summer. It's expected to be the same tomorrow.
Like much of the rest of the country, our area
is enduring drought conditions: I'm thinking that anyone
who plants flowers should consider using cacti
next year.

I try to get to the pool right as it opens. That usually
allows me to have an hour during which
I can swim leisurely laps and do water aerobics
exercises before the kids show up.
The kids scare me. By far, most of them,
whatever age they happen to be, do not 
know how to swim. If you ask, some will always
protest that they do know how, but watching 
them for just a few minutes puts the lie
to their assertions.

The little girl above was accompanied by her mom,
while the other little kids were, supposedly, supervised
by someone who is at least 16 years old. In reality,
many of the kids have been sent to the pool by parents
who seem to expect the lifeguard to act as baby sitter
and, if necessary, perform miracles. 


dive said...

That is one serious hair-do!
So there's your excuse for going to the pool, Speedway: teach these kids how to swim! Launch them into aquatic independence and they won't seem so scary.

Meghan said...

It is scary to think of all those kids who can't swim and aren't even properly supervised. I hope they all stay safe and the life guards are attentive.

lin said...

Children and adults who cannot swim terrify me for their lives.