Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Wider View ...

As I took a picture of this mirror, it struck me as something 
of a contradiction - that the small convex circle condenses 
the outside world in order to project a wider view of same.
 And there's me, hoping I don't get hit by my proverbial beer truck
as I focus on the mirror.

In recent years, I've watched as a couple dear friends increasingly
cut themselves off from their friends and the women who loved them,
retreating into old fears and prejudices. In face of changes in the/their
worlds they could not accept - everything from the United States'
first black President to the failure of their penises due to years
of bad diets - they saw only threats from terrorists and self-created
gremlins. One returned to his home town, where he had spent years trying 
to escape an abusive home life, while the other became a recluse, 
and both were unmoved by their friends' concerns; 
nothing could budge them from their
self-imposed isolation.

As the years pass, I hope to always take the wider view. 
I want my life to be a series of small adventures every day, new things
to see and do. Even if it's just writing a small book or an 
"alligator slider" on my dinner plate, it means I'm learning new things,
researching a bit of the world I hadn't before experienced.
Oddly enough, both men played a part in helping 
me to acquire that attitude, to accepting it as 
a part of life, of growth. 

I guess that's why I always prefer sunrises - another
day to see how badly I screw up or get it right,
Another day to explore. While I may not exactly push for 
the edge of the envelope, I do extend my boundaries.
Just a little bit. Maybe.


lin said...

tell me how to put a video on my blog. I also ordered this CD!

dive said...

1) Yay you for taking the wider view.
2) How come Yo-Yo-Ma never gets any older?
3) Bad diet can make your penis fail? Who knew? Of course, some of us eat a fantastically good diet yet have no use for a penis outside of peeing. Darned fussy womenkind.
4) Roll on the first of many female minority US Presidents!
5) Stay clear of the beer truck.

Speedway said...

Well, Dive ...
1) I'm trying.
2) I think, in part, because he works on projects like these, exploring differing genres of music so he doesn't get in a rut playing the same ol' classical repertoire over and over.
3) The first man never met a plate of bacon he didn't like, spent 40 years on the road, living on hotel/airline food, came from a family in which cholesterol concerns were routine, so should have taken warning. The second man never met a fast food restaurant or processed food he didn't like. Neither man ever learned to cook. So penises died premature deaths. Both men are/were picky eaters, but in the wrong way.
4) Yep.
5) Again, I'm trying.