Thursday, June 14, 2012

Japanese Queasene?

I visited two neighborhood grocers this morning 
to get pictures of their offerings of ramen noodles.
I've known of them since the early 80's, when they seemed
to become a staple in the larder of college students.
The top photo is from a store which has a wider range
of food of all kinds, good and bad. Frankly,
its clientele is probably more international 
and poorer than at the other store.

On a different, but related matter, I recently bumped into
a man with a selection of items from the sushi kiosk.
I'd thought I was the only one buying the stuff, but he 
pronounced the kiosk's offerings as "the best."
I did ask the sushi makers about the squid and both men,
who could speak very little "hoosier,"
told me they do not eat the squid.
Consequently, I will leave the little brown
squiggleys alone, too.


dive said...

Holy crapola! Is that what passes for ramen in Indy? "Oriental flavor?" Is that dried noodles and a sachet of salt, MSG and crap?
Get your ass over here now; get your ramen freshly made with fresh local seafood and no powdered crap.
Sheesh! People actually BUY that stuff? It's a weird world, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Notice the prices, Dive. In the name of poverty, yes, people do buy that shit. It is filling, but probably not nutritious, not with white flour and 440 mg of salt per serving. I think a skilletful of your rice dish (w/o shrimp) costs about $3 and gives about 6 one cup servings. More healthful, by far, much better tasting and no added salt or MSG. It's just that the initial purchase of the items to make the rice would buy SO MUCH MORE of the ramen crap, people don't see the difference.