Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Textured Tuesday: Composition in Gray and White

I wish I had a better picture of this, but it's one of
 those places where I might need back-up
to get the perfectly balanced shot I want to take.
I took this one from inside the bus while we
were waiting for the traffic light to change.
As it is, I love the peeling paint of the squares,
offset and balanced by the canted, inky
shade of gray on the right.


dive said...

You get an art gallery through your bus window? Lucky you, Speedway! Whoever left this piece of found art stuck on the side of their building ought to be given the job of beautifying other areas of the city.

Speedway said...

I guess, Dive, it's all in how you care to look at it. The building, an old garage/auto repair shop, is derelict, needs to be torn down, but it's surrounded by blotchy wonderfulness such as the covered up windows. There's a fence that's been patched and covered over with unmatched paint and a section of broken wall that speaks to me, too. I think the site is an abstract expressionist exhibit begging to be recorded.