Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trying to Not Paint the Sign

When new signs were installed at one of the stores at 
the Speedway Shopping Center, they were put up before
painters could remove cover the accumulated stains from
the old signage. Consequently, the painters had to take the time to
wrap and tape the newly installed work to avoid dripping
paint on the blue kitty, red puppy and letters.

How many additional dollars were spent because 
someone could not wait one day for the facade 
of the building to be painted?

The man in the chair is the supervisor of the 
younger man doing the work. While the controls for the 
cherry-picker lift are with the younger man, the work can 
only be performed by one of them due to the
cramped quarters in the basket.


dive said...

Thank you for cheering me up, Speedway; the "Dicks" on the back of the supervisor's chair is simply perfect.

neetzy said...

Love it! Those look like our Penn-dot supervisors. BTW I posted my Oscar Wilde sculpture on negativespace.