Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Geometry of Light"

When I walked through the main entrance of the 
Indianapolis Museum of Art this afternoon, I was greeted by 
Geometry of Lighta sculpture by Alyson Shotz made up 
of hand-cut plastic Fresnel lenses, silvered glass beads and stainless 
steel wire. The lenses,of varying diameters, were strung 
along the wires with the silver beads serving both as spacers 
and reflective surfaces, spanning the space from the windows 
up into the upper floors of the entrance.

I stood among the strands, marveling at their simplicity;
I could have made them myself, but I didn't because my mind 
had never before made a connection that told me a simple
piece of plastic could be strung with its brothers and some beads
to make something beautiful. When I blew on one of the disks,
the entire strand bobbed a bit, shimmering in the light.
Seen from above, the disks resembled a stopped-motion
shot of water as it spurts from a hose, bright, clear and cool.

Once again, I spent an entire afternoon wandering the IMA,
visiting new exhibits and old, walking around the lake
of the 100-Acre Park. Admission is FREE, dammit!
I couldn't imagine a better way to spend 
a day without spending money 


dive said...

That is fantastic, Speedway, but boy howdy, I wouldn't want to be the person who has to clean it.

Speedway said...

I wonder if it will be packed away like Christmas decorations, long strands of out-sized garland twisted and thrown into a box? Or rolled up like extension cord or garden hose? I think the disks may lie comparatively flat but, well, how?

Anonymous said...

Sure like that better than some of the things they have had hanging there over the past couple of years.

Gunn said...

Well seen and well done!:)