Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Robert Motherwell in Speedway

There are a lot of different artists represented in Speedway. 
I don't really have to look very far for them since they often jump
out at me as I'm walking around the town, camera in hand.

View No. 1, 1958. Oil on Canvas

I've seen some of Motherwell's work that looks
more like the photo I took, but can't locate it.
Here is another one from a gallery that
represents his work, Bernard Jacobson Gallery
of New York and London.


dive said...

You are a demon when it comes to spotting street art, Speedway. This one's awesome.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. Would you believe I've found a Richard Diebenkorn? But I have to get it on a morning and be careful to not get hit by a car. And this morning I saw three - THREE!- Josef Albers on a building where I think I may need back-up to take the picture. I know there's a Jasper Johns hanging on a utility pole somewhere in the neighborhood, too, I've just forgotten where. OH, so many and so little time.

dive said...

Who needs galleries when your city has art of that quality out in the street?

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. Every time I step out the door with my camera in my pocket, I wonder what will present itself. There's usually always something that attracts me. Shit, any man who offers me shiny objects would not be surprised to find that I'm a sucker for slurry seal on pavement or asphalt-filled cracks in the road. I can't afford the gazillions needed for my own Motherwell painting, so need to find it where it lays.