Friday, June 22, 2012

When You Come to a Fork in the Road ...

... TAKE IT!
                                         - Yogi Berra

My mission on Wednesday was to explore
the back half of the 100-Acres Park lake. While the front part is
edged by the Meadow and most of the installations, the back
has been left as a trail, marked by pins for Mary Miss' installation,
FLOW: Can You See the River? and a number of Jeppe Hein's
yellow benches, this part of the path merely has tree branches
trimmed to keep the path open. 

I did happen to meet A. Bitterman, who was working to
complete the kiosk for, Indigenousthe Indy Island project for 2012.
I intend to return, hopefully for dinner and a movie and
the opportunity to wear the giant beaver suit.


dive said...

Not content with the title Queen of Street Art you also do Woodland Art, Speedway. Awesome! I love the way you play with perspective in the top photo. A huge hoorah for a city with the guts and inspiration to fill its parks with art.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive, for your kind comment. Ya know, some things just kinda reach out and hit you in the face, insisting you pay attention. Same with this tree, stuck in my path, I had to take its picture because the angle was so interesting to me. I'm just happy my little camera allowed the focus along the limbs to be so sharp.

mabepi said...

"... wear a giant beaver suit." ???

Speedway said...

Hi, uh, 'Pi. Yep, it's in the "Indigenous" brochure under "Things to Do." "Wear the Beaver Suit: Don the transcendental beaver suit hanging on the kiosk and enjoy unlimited access to all areas of the park, on and off the trail! Please return it when you leave." Sounds like it's right up my alley.

dive said...

I resisted as long as I could, but I'm going to have to ask: does Beaver mean the same thing over there as it does over here?

Speedway said...

Yes. And why, then, would I bother with the suit? Because I'd never again be allowed in the museum if I just went about in my own.

f1f368ee-9cda-11e0-87da-000bcdcb471e said...

Even without beaver suit one has access to all areas of the park - and in this heat wave a "transcendental beaver suit" sounds extremely uncomfortable.

Speedway said...

Hello, f1f368ee-etc. I think dragging a beaver tail all over the park, whether it's my own or the more "transcendental" variety, would have to be exhausting. I'd end up sagging beneath a tree, trying to suck water into my mouth from around a couple beaver teeth.