Monday, August 6, 2012

A Quiet Walk

I was downtown early on Saturday to volunteer for a triathlon. 
I went to the zoo to find the volunteer tent. 
Nuthin'. No one. People were jogging along the Canal and the 
White River Promenade, but not a one wearing
a number. It was gray and humid, which matched my
mood when a zoo security guy told me I'd come on the 
WRONG DAY! Argh! @*&$# and (sh)ucks!
Well, at least I wasn't late.

I'd planned to take pictures, so took them of the buildings and Canal, 
rather than guys in Spandex pants with numbers drawn 
on their upper arms.

All of the photos are of the NCAA Headquarters, located along the canal 
in White River State Park. The size of the building alone 
is proof positive that college athletics is very big business. The top
photo is of an entrance to one of the sections, while the public entrance,
to the Hall of Champions, is shown in the second photo.
That first section was designed by renowned architect, Michael Graves.

The second section, just recently opened, was designed by 
a local firm, Ratio Architects. They also designed a neighboring
building, the Indiana State Museum, which is just on the 
other side of the Canal.

The image below is of the Indiana State Museum, taken at about 
7:30 in the morning, long before people show up en masse
to report for work, visit or, as in my case, 
to volunteer for an event.

About 24 hours early.


Cathy Hudspeth said...

Well, you made good use of your time! Nice shots of this important building. You're right - college sports are big business these days.

dive said...

You're doing a TRIATHLON? You mad, mad, madwoman!
Hee hee. Good luck, Speedway. I want photos.

Speedway said...

No, no, no, Dive, I volunteered to help at the event so I would have opportunity to take pictures of men in Spandex. I want to do a triathlon. Some day. I'm retired but not from aspirations. My one goal was to become the oldest woman to swim the, ahem, "Ditch" but the only place I would have available to swim in open water is the Ohio River which, though in much better shape than 10 years ago, still is not good for people to paddle around in.

dive said...

Whew! You had me worried for a minute there; I thought I'd have to up my gym routine to get some self esteem back.
Swimming the Ditch is pretty dangerous these days. They've cut right back on the amount of people they let do it as it's the world's busiest shipping lane and the swimmers' support boats cause mayhem among the supertankers. Best to fly to England and we'll take the train UNDER the Ditch for a Paris trip. Far less strenuous than swimming across (and way cheaper than flying direct to Paris).