Saturday, August 25, 2012

Somebody Dribbled ...

For blocks and blocks and blocks
a stream of white paint trailed along the street,
marking the path taken by the truck
that made it. A couple blocks farther on.
the straight cuts made by a concrete
saw contrasted with the strokes
of slurry used to seal the asphalt 
pavement a couple seasons earlier.


Meghan said...

The top photo reminds me of birch trees in the fall.

dive said...

So that's what happened when Jackson Pollock went straight, is it?

Speedway said...

G'morning, Meghan. When I first saw your comment I went "Whuut?" then I saw it - the yellow leaves of the aspen as background to the trees' white bark. Now I get it - and you're so absolutely right!

I guess when Pollock died in a car accident in 1956 he was reincarnated as a line painter in the Speedway street department in 2012?