Friday, August 3, 2012

Nuthin' Here but Us Weeds, Boss!

When I go to the Coke Field, I will usually see little fish in the creek, 
a turtle or two basking on the rocks, maybe scare up a
nervous heron. Not this summer. It seems like forever since
we've had a good soaking rain, which means the creek is very shallow.
A mile or so farther down, closer to the Speedway, 
the creek bed has been bone dry.

I still get to see birds flying in and out, warning their brethren 
of my presence, and dragonflys hovering and darting 
among the flowers. Unfortunately, my camera
is not fast enough to catch them in my frame.


dive said...

That little oasis of green must be so refreshing after your long, hot summer, Speedway.

Speedway said...

It's nice to have, Dive, although I haven't yet seen turtle one, not fish, nor herons. There is so little water in the creek it's virtually a pond, with the stream petering out altogether within a mile or so. The ground around is dried grass - a careless match would set it afire.

I bet your greenery is lush and happy, in spite of your bitchin' about the rain. Along with the farmers, I'd be happy to trade you something for a bit of precipitation. Before winter sets in, of course.