Friday, August 31, 2012

Lego Display

I don't know when the Indiana State Fair opened a category 
for Lego projects, but they have. Meh.
I thought the back of this mountain village display
was more interesting than the little vignettes.

It could be worse. 
I suppose the man who built this could
be out drinking in titty bars, "tucking bucks"
in the dancers' g-strings, if they're wearing any.

Instead, he's spent his discretionary income on thousands 
and thousands of little blocks and tiny, segmented
plastic people. 



dive said...

It's a boy thing (and probably an Architect thing, too). I've got a huge box of Lego up in the attic just waiting for when friends and family bring kids over; they're a great excuse to play with my Lego (whether the kids want to or not).

Speedway said...

I understand Legos for kids, and for architecturally inclined men, but an entire scene, made each year by a couple professional men, one of whom is a doctor? Oh, well, at least he has the money to indulge is vision.

Do you remember Transformers, which turned from a vehicle of some sort into a monster/robot? At least one of the buildings downtown, erected in the late 80s, resembles a Transformer. I keep waiting for it to sprout it legs and arms and start perambulating through town.

dive said...

It will only do that when you're not looking. Try to catch it by surprise.

Speedway said...

It's one of the big-ass evil bank company's building. It's been quietly tramping through town for years.