Sunday, August 5, 2012

"The Tent"

I'll be the first to admit that I do not care for this sculpture.
It does not soar. It does not sing. It does not shimmer.
It reminds me of paint samples, left in the sun
by research chemists to have their color fastness tested.
Called The Tent, it was created by Donald Lipski
and installed in White River State Park in 2008.

This morning, I found something to like about it: seen from this angle, 
one panel reflected the other, breaking up the grid.
The result, for me, was interesting in that it added pattern and
 rhythm that on previous occasions did not exist.

"Rock the bag." You know who you are... 


dive said...

I like it. Though I'd have used coloured glass rather than steel. I want one of those in my garden.

Speedway said...

It's big, Dive, taller than your house. I bet the neighbors would make you take it down. Every time I've seen the thing. I just looked and went on. It just didn't engage me until yesterday, when I happened to see the patterns reflected on the unpainted "tiles."

dive said...

Speedway, a cardboard box is bigger than my house. I live in teeny tiny England where the average house is the smallest in Europe and only one up from a Japanese cubicle hotel.
An American friend who's been forced to "downsize" sent me photos of her "tiny" kitchen in her "tiny" apartment a couple of months back and her kitchen was bigger than the ground plan of my house.