Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grassy Creek

There has been virtually no rain this summer. 
The creek at the Coke Field has been very low and 
dry in some places. In past years I've seen little fish, turtles
and scared up a few herons. Not this year.
This past week has seen three days of rain, 
but too late for the usual denizens of the little creek.
As I stood on the bridge Friday, I saw dragonflys
as big as Huey helicopters playing out
their mating rituals in the air, but there were
no little fish, no turtles, and no herons.
There was, however, grass in a rocky area that
was sufficiently dry for it to take root.
With the newly fallen rain flowing around it,
it makes a bright, clear picture.


dive said...

It makes a beautiful picture, Speedway. The wildlife will return. Most of it was probably watching you while you searched in vain for it.

Speedway said...

Yeah, I heard turtles sniggering inside their shells as I hung over the bridge railing.