Friday, August 17, 2012

At the Entrance

Greeting fairgoers at the entrance is this concert band organ owned by
Larry Kerns. It is a happy sound, immediately establishing
a pleasant, nostalgic mood to begin one's visit.

As I was looking for more information about
these machines, I found that are enthusiasts who attend
rallies to hear them, one of which is in Gallipolis, Ohio

I found the machine intriguing to watch, it's band master keeping time,
cherubs plucking little harps, attractive goddesses flanking the
bandmaster each playing a horn and or a bell.  

The music also was the last thing I heard as I left
the grounds, leaving me with a pleasant sound as I 
recalled my day and looked forward
to my next visit.

While there are several videos of this organ 
on YouTube, I chose this one because the sound
seems so much better than on the others.


dive said...

I love these things! They remind me of village fêtes and county fairs (and ice cream). The Grand Master is very dignified and his lovely ladies make a great job of Dixieland, but I confess to having cracked up when I heard the organ play "Do You Know the Way to San Jose",

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Very impressive organ. Lots of beautiful details!!

Speedway said...

It does have a lot of beautiful little things on it. The cherubs have glitter on their wings and the drums had bouquets of roses painted on their heads.

The music, of course, had its orchestrations programmed into it, which I think is an interesting little niche in the music industry.

The site for the Carousel Organ Association of America is