Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daily Life

While walking home from the grocery, 
I saw this little boy riding his bike in the driveway 
as his dad washed and detailed one 
of his work vehicles.
The little guy told me his dad
was going to get him a dirt bike when
he got a bit bigger.

I like knowing that the local gendarmes
live in the neighborhood. Another man and his family 
live just around the corner, while another two
homes on the other side of the park
are homes to members of the Indianapolis 
Police Department. Not only does it
humanize the men, 
it adds a bit of reassurance
for the other residents. 


dive said...

Seeing him with his little boy and the kids and dogs stickers on his car really brings home the humanity of the everyday cop. It certainly makes a mockery of the image the press foist on them.
Great post, Speedway.

Cathy Hudspeth said...

Police cars on display in the neighborhoods where the police live are an excellent use of that resource - makes the whole place safer.

Speedway said...

The cars in the neighborhood are reassuring. It's nice to know the cops think well enough of where they work that they live here, too. Also, the police cars let me know where to go if ever I see or run into trouble. Sort of like a safe house for a wandering adult, I guess.