Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Textured Tuesday: Warm Brick, Cold Glass

This old building has been restored and re-purposed and is a part 
of the NCAA complex along the Central Canal.
I remember it as having a coat of gray paint 
covering its warm bricks.

When Washington Street was re-routed, the building and 
the old bridge stood neglected for some time before
being made a part of the White River State Park.
I do like the contrast between the red brick and the
smooth blue glass that makes up the J.W. Marriott Hotel
in the background.

For me, this building is the structure that anchors the NCAA 
complex designed by Michael Graves. That is probably because
preserving the building was a requirement of the project, 
but it also meant that red brick was used in the new designs 
that followed, with arcs and curves to echo the windows,
as well as a structure that is broken up into related sections. 
While this seems to be a theme in Graves' work,
the varied colors and shapes of this/these buildings
give it more of a community feel, one made up of several
smaller structures rather than a huge monolith.


dive said...

Love that lost photo, Speedway. A fine elevation, though I'm not sure I'd want to live so close to the wasp's nest.

Speedway said...

Somehow, I knew you would notice those, Dive. And they were all over the building, hidden in plain sight in the crevices of the bricks.

dive said...

Brrr …

Speedway said...

I don't know about the wasps, but I've learned to stand quietly around bees. I've been trying, like forever, to get decent images of them with my little camera, with only a little success. They zoom-zoom around me, doing their bee work, and pay very little attention. I figure if I don't startle them, they won't zap me. When on the boat, Carl routinely got rid of the wasps, but they didn't show any interest in me when I was fishing of the boat's deck.

I want my own hives, one of these days. We need them to make our food and, unless we make an effort to help them, we're gonna be in trouble. So... this is a long way to get to saying that I'll leave bees and wasps alone to do their work, and maybe they won't bother me.