Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Horses With Jobs: Wedding Bells

On my way home from the fair last weekend,
I looked up to see a trio of white horse-drawn carriages,
each being pulled by what looked like horses that
were Clydesdales, or relations thereof.

As it turned out, they were on their way to pick up
a wedding party from the Capitol Building
just across the street. The first carriage, fashioned 
after a Cinderella coach, carried the bride and groom with,
I'm assuming, the maid and matron of honor.
The second and third carried the bridesmaids and
groomsmen, respectively.

Congratulations, Happy Couple!
I hope your lives together bring you joy
and growing love, as big and
beaming as your smiles.


dive said...

Now I'm stuck with "Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage …" going round and round in my head.
I like the combination of kitsch fairytale and warning triangle and red lights. All marriages should come with a warning triangle.
My very best wishes to the happy couple. Let's hope they don't turn into pumpkins at midnight.

Speedway said...

It is an ironic image isn't It? I do give the couple points for 1) standing up in front of their friends and family to declare their love and loyalty to each other and 2) making such declaration in the beautiful rotunda of the Capitol Building. There's something about it that seems honest.