Monday, August 13, 2012

Horses With Jobs, Part 2

I've been involved in another project lately, 
so haven't taken as many pictures as I would like. 
I did take the time Saturday to participate
in the Indiana State Fair's Plein Air Day.
Not that I'm a "plein air" kind of person --
my temperment isn't suited to that sort of work.

I ended up with a brightly colored depiction of 
a carousel, another version of "horses at work."
The gaily painted steeds on the merry-go-round carry 
children of all ages in never-ending circles with
flashing lights and pulsating music from 
an electronic calliope.

I bet that would make even the most
jaded pony turn into a fiberglass hors d'oevre
with a giant gold toothpick stuck
between  its withers.
You rock it, carousel cayuse! 


dive said...

Fabulous painting, Speedway. The colours remind me of Kandinsky and the composition and movement makes me think of that marvellous explosion of German Expressionism that filled the Weimar republic with art, cabaret and jazz before the economic crash and the rise of the Nazis put paid to all that. Sheer joy.

Speedway said...

Well, thank you, Dive. I appreciate your kind words, always, 'though I'm afraid that if the evil Mittens and his brown-nosing pal (R&R?) win in the fall, the christian version of Nazism will put paid to my happy colors.