Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Latte, Prosciutto Ham, and Race Cars

Dallara has opened a manufacturing site in Speedway 
where the Indy racing cars are built. The main floor has
a series of interactive displays showing the research, development,
and construction processes for their cars. 

In the northwest corner of the building, located on Main Street, 
is Lino's Coffee. I went there for lunch the afternoon of the Hauler Parade.
I had a latte as well as a salad made up of greens, prosciutto ham, cheese,
and walnuts. Yum. I'm already spoiled.

And then there was a display of  lovely samples. 
The three bowls contain olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and fig jam.
One woman I met swore that balsamic vinegar poured
over vanilla ice cream is one of the best treats ever.
The fig jam was wonderful, too. 

Amid the race cars on display are simulators
with recreations of the Speedway that visitors can try.
I'll try it another time as I was afraid of hitting
the simulated Turn One wall,
with its simulated SAFR barrier. 

Used to illustrate the various stages of  car development,
scale models of the cars are placed throughout the displays. 
There was a gathering in that area of the building
so I didn't spend as much time as I would
have liked to examine and learn from the displays.

But I really did like the ham and fig jam, 
neither of which I'd had before.

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dive said...

I wonder how many times you've made me go "Ooooh!" as soon as your blog pops up on my screen, Speedway.

Race cars and great food? Surely you tailored this post just for me. Hee hee.
Fantastic stuff!