Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seemed Like Old Times

Among the participants in last week's Hauler Parade were members 
of a local car club, the Indy Hi-Winders. The shapes and the colors seemed 
so familiar, bringing back memories of the 1950s 
when I visited used car lots with my dad.

And just as one might expect, this "lot" had it's share
of men sitting around, talking cars and telling stories. 

The black satin beauty below just seemed to stand
quietly in place, having no need for bright lacquer colors
to express its strength.

But it does have its very own pole dancer.

The sapphire blue Ford is dressed to impress,
with shiny chrome bits to set off the flash 
of its jewel-toned body.

It draws you in to its faceted metal dashboard and steering
wheel, setting you up to be ejected through its suicide doors.
Growl ... grrr ... Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!


dive said...

Damn! I got drool in my keyboard.
What a superb event, Speedway. I am oozing jealousy.

Speedway said...

Yeah, I like the old cars, too, Dive. It's just a small event, only about a dozen or so cars and trucks filling the small lot, but it really added to the atmosphere.

Late next month will see one of the Good Guys street rod shows at the Speedway. Much larger. Very much larger.

dive said...

You don't need me to remind you to take your camera.

Stefan Jansson said...

Great post. Always fun to look at old cars.

Speedway said...

Hello, Stefan, glad you enjoyed the pictures. These cars belonged to members of a local club whose presence gives the lot the air of an old used car business. Bigger event, the Good Guys Nationals, will be at the Speedway next month. There will be so many cars, custom street rods and old restored cars, that I will not run out of pictures to take.