Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Textured Tuesday: School Supplies

The nearby Dollar Store offered these brightly-colored school 
supplies, packets of pens, erasers and markers
in amounts sufficient to keep writing and erasing stuff
for the entire school year.
I fiddled with the color balance a bit, but the 
hues still would keep these items from being lost
in the bottom of one's bookbag or locker.


dive said...

Yow! That's hard on the eyes! I'm glad I saw this after a long day in London rather than first thing in the morning; it might have fritzed my retinas.

Speedway said...

I've walked past this display so many times, always stopping to look at the repetitive layers of erasers and marking pens stacked bip-bip-bip in colorful rows. It's so mundane, so usual that we don't really notice the order of colors and sinilar angles.