Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have set myself a little mission. I am looking to take
 a nice photo of a John Constable sky. With that in mind, 
I set out for the store this afternoon and, while the clouds played
their part, the setting was all wrong. So JC will wait another day.

Meanwhile, I saw a couple neighborhood men working to
replace a wheel bearing on a car. That is, they were trying to
get the old, very worn part off. When I saw them, they
had already made two trips to the parts dealer, 
with a third in the offing. 

I went on to the store, picked up a few groceries 
and started home, taking a few more pictures on the way.
Passing the car, the two men were getting into another,
embarking on their fourth mission to see
the parts dealer.

Here is the new part, awaiting its turn
on the right front wheel assembly
of a purple sedan.


Speedway said...

A different king of race car at the Pike's Peak Hill Climb.

Check out

Speedway said...

P.S., I meant "kind" rather than "king."

dive said...

I do like that Still Life with Assorted Socket Wrenches and Car Parts.
And yay for Pike's Peak! Monster cars doing insane things.

If you want to photograph a Constable Sky, Speedway, you'll have to pop over here to Constable Country. Dedham is a short drive down the coast from me and we get those skies all the time.

Speedway said...

The fourth trip must have been the charm, Dive. I went by the house this morning and the car was gone. They couldn't have moved it unless they'd gotten the new part on, I don't think.

I'm looking for a picture at the Coke Field that will show a "Constable sky" for a JC in Speedway post. I got the sky today, but the scene otherwise was all wrong. So, meh, for now.